Leonberger Working Dog Program & Dog Award Committee
Logo webThe purpose of the Committee is to educate the membership as to the wide array of activities in which our exceptionally versatile breed excels, and to encourage the members to work with their Leonbergers by providing timely and meaningful recognition of accomplishments in such activities.
The LCA Working Dog Program & Dog Award Committee looks forward to working with our fellow LCA members to educate and recognize the accomplishments of our members and their dogs!
The Committee:
Sharon Betts, Chair

Ira VanOrder
Astrid Robitaille
Cheryl Woods
Wendy Jones, SEC representative
Rachel White
Deanna Alko
Sandra Ling
Marietta Mennone, Draft Liaison - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leonberger Working Dog Program

Board approved December 7, 2015 
Updated January 1, 2017,  January 1, 2018, January 1, 2019

More About the Working Dog Program

Versatile Leonberger Certification
Download Certification Requirements

The Versatile Leonberger (VL), Versatile Leonberger Advanced (VLA) and Versatile Leonberger Excellent (VLX) certifications are designed to encourage members to train and work with their Leonbergers in the pursuits for which they were intended, to recognize the accomplishments of Leo-handler teams that work together in a variety of events, and to aid breeders in developing lines that exemplify the versatility that is a hallmark of our breed.

LCA Versatility (VL, VLA & VLX) Title Requirements
The Versatile Leo (VL), Versatile Leo Advanced (VLA) and Versatile Leo Excellent (VLX) titles are designed to recognize the Leo-handler teams who work together in a variety of events. These titles are awarded in recognition of the accomplishments and dedication of the team in a wide range of activities.

Versatile Leo (VL)
The Versatility Leo (VL) title is awarded to dogs whose achievements have earned 10 points from at least TWO different categories.

Versatile Leo Advanced (VLA)
The Versatility Leo Advanced (VLA) title is awarded to dogs with the VL title whose achievements have earned 15 points from at least THREE different categories.

Versatile Leo Excellent (VLX)
The Versatile Leo Excellent (VLX) title is awarded to dogs with the VLA title whose achievements have earned 25 points from at least THREE different categories.

Titles Accepted for Versatility Awards 
Glossary of Title Abbreviations

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Versatile Leonberger Certifications:

Versatile Leonberger (VL) Versatile Leonberger Advanced (VLA) Versatile Leonberger Excellent (VLX)
The Leonberger shall be registered with the AKC. The owner and/or co-owner of record shall be a member in good standing of the LCA at the time of application for certification.

Certified Dogs:

A certificate of accomplishment will be awarded, via mail, within 2 months of paperwork being submitted to the committee. Award recipients will also be announced yearly at the National Specialty.
Any Leonberger certified as a Versatile Leonberger, Versatile Leonberger Advanced or Versatile Leonberger Excellent through the Leonberger Working Dog Program shall be privileged to use the title in any LCA literature and databases.

The Board may periodically adjust the criteria for certification upon recommendation of the Working Dog Program and Dog Award Committee.

If you have earned a Versalitiy award, please submit your information via the Award Application Form.

View all the Versatility Award Recipients.

Top Leonberger Awards

Top Leonbergers in venues such as: AKC Conformation (breed points and owner handler competition); AKC obedience; AKC rally; and Agility.

Leonberger Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame recognizes those very special Leonbergers in 4 categories.  -Present Recipients

American Temperament Test Society's Temperament Test (TT) can be recognized by the AKC and added to your dog's AKC record.  The application for this title.

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