The Leonberger Owner’s Guide, published by Leonberger-University, has a great section on getting a puppy. 

Bringing a new Leonberger into your life is a tremendous responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. We hope that since you are on our site, you will take your time and avail yourself of the tools we provide to help you select the right breeder for you and more importantly, to know what questions you should ask of any breeder. Our LCA breeders have voluntarily agreed to adhere to our Member Practices document but it is your responsibility as a potential owner of a Leonberger to know, understand and discuss this document with any breeder whom you reach out to.



Updated 9/29/20

The following is a paid-for list of current breedings and available litters from US and grandfathered Canadian LCA member breeders. Canadian litters are CKC-registered but puppies can be registered with the AKC.

Please remember that when purchasing a puppy, the contract is between you and the Breeder. The Breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the LCA Member Practices, however the Leonberger Club of America does not warrant, explicit or implied, the quality of the puppies in the litters listed.
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Recent Litters


Recent Breedings

Bred: 7/29/20/20 - pregnant
Sire: CH Bluebonnet's Patent Pending of Tippingpoint BCAT (Henry) CHIC# 144524 / GCH CH Lionscourt Haleakala BCAT (Sam) CHIC# 144523
Dam: CH West Mtn Charming Forever After of Bluebonnet (Teeka) CHIC# 122835
Kennel: West Mountain
Breeder: Teresa & Peter West
Location: AR
Phone: 479-409-8089

Bred: 8/4/20 - pregnant
Sire: CH Lempileijonan Kalifornian Kultaa (Oso) CHIC# 140857
Dam: Davina Danger V. Sanftenloewen (Davina) CHIC# 147681
Kennel: Lowenbach Kennels
Breeder: Scott Brookman & Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith
Location: CA
Phone: 805-470-9177

Bred: 8/7/20 - pregnant
Sire: GCH CH Panthera's Corten (Charlie) CHIC# 93911
Dam: GCHB CH Bluebonnet's On The Rocks Ruffina THD CGC (Ruffina) CHIC# 138650
Kennel: Yvain
Breeder: Jill Gonzalez
Location: TX
Phone: 512-585-2426

Bred: 8/14/20
Sire: Stony Creek's Image of the Past (Brutus) CHIC# 124695
Dam: Stony Creek's Knock Out Warrior Princess (Korina) CHIC# 125301
Kennel: Stony Creek
Breeder: Carol & Rhyan Ross
Location: MI
Phone: 586-752-6937

Bred: 8/15/20
Sire: CH Lempileijonan Kalifornian Kultaa (Oso) CHIC# 140857
Dam: Sunset's Cool Summer Breeze (Summer) CHIC# 147677
Kennel: Sunset
Breeder: Karen & Dale Minardo
Location: NY
Phone: 585-944-1933

Bred: 8/23/20 - pregnant
Sire: Lionscourt Eureka (Reuben) Foreign Dog
Dam: Faith's Golden Charisma For Ex Animo (Bonnie) CHIC# 139701
Kennel: Smokey Mountain Leos
Breeder: Christina Coppolino
Location: TN
Phone: 321-432-7833

Bred: 8/27/20 - pregnant
Sire: GCH Desperado's Just a Fireball (Sam) CHIC# 110168
Dam: GCH High Hopes Ambush at Desperado (Olive) CHIC# 114159
Kennel: Desperado
Breeder: Lori Taft
Location: WA
Phone: 360-722-1049

Bred: 9/6/20
Sire: GCH UGRCH LCA CH Starhaven's Black Pearl Cap'n CGC (Cap'n Jack) CHIC# 56213
Dam: Dragonslair's Vanya The Glorious (Vanya) CHIC# 148454
Kennel: Griffin's Nest's Kennel
Breeder: Diane & Kevin Maxwell
Location: NH
Phone: 603-239-4056

Bred: 9/9/20
Sire: El Dorado's Just One More (Rogue) CHIC# 137550
Dam: Tsavo's Highest Honor (Everest) CHIC# 117823
Kennel: Redwood Trail Leonbergers
Breeder: Sandy Pearsall, Sandy Beggs
Location: KY
Phone: 502-266-6863

Bred: 9/14/20
Sire: CH Bluebonnet's Notorious Juuso (Juuso) CHIC# 137897
Dam: GCHB CH RACH Bluebonnet's Joyful Goose A Laying Ziva CD BN RM6 RAE3 NJP NDD CGCA CGCU TKA (Ziva) CHIC# 111060
Kennel: Bluebonnet
Breeder: Wendy Jones
Location: TX
Phone: 832-515-1148

Bred: 9/16/20
Sire: CH Ambergait For Keeps CGC CGCA CGCU FDC THD RN (Oliver) CHIC# 132641
Dam: Leodania's Starwars Leia Organa CGC TKP RI SCA SIN (Skye) CHIC# 138866
Kennel: Corazon de Leon
Breeder: Mary Goodling
Location: PA
Phone: 717-919-5053

Visit Canine Health Information Center (CHIC and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for helpful health-related information.