The Leonberger Club of America Draft Test is a series of exercises designed to demonstrate the abilities of the Leonberger to perform in a working capacity including hauling freight. The performance of these skills is intended to demonstrate teamwork between dog and handler resulting from both natural ability and training that are applicable to realistic work situations.

Procedure for Title recognition
Title earned at an LCA event - The Secretary/Chair of the event will submit all paperwork to Drafting Liaison.  It will be approved and new title holders sent to the Working Dog Committee who will issue and record the Certificate.

Title earned at an approved Parent Club - Submit your information through the form linked below.

The Leonberger Wording Dog and Dog Award Committee Drafting Liaison is Marietta Mennone.  Please contact her for additional information at

 Drafting Regulations                                                                                      Title Application Form


First Novice Draft Dog title - 2014 National Specialty
Questa von Stutensee
owned by Cindy Atwood
>Atwood Questa2014Specialty
First Brace Novice Draft Dog title - 2017 National specialty 
BoBev's Runnin' Down a Dream & Gavius Gentius Domus Corona
owned by Kirsten & Dale Becker
BNDD Becker Rutger Dutch
First Veteran Draft Title - 2017 Northwest Leonberger Fall Specialty
CH VLX Joelle Vom Dreiburgenland CDX PUTD RE NDD ODDV
owned by John & Jody Woodruff
Biscuit web

Click Chart for All Draft Titles issued by the LCA

draft pic


Videos from 2017 Sleigh Bell Leos - NRLC sponsored Draft test in Hershey, PA
Judges Marietta Mennone & Judy Skorup

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